Monday, January 16, 2012

Can we honestly still say this?

Friends, the Retailers of America have just celebrated a half century of progress, a half century of public service and also just completed a week of outstanding cooperation with American businessmen to celebrate this significant milestone. Everyone of us can be proud of the great material strides taken in the last several decades to double our output for every hour we work, and increase our annual income. We've enjoyed a steadily rising standard of living as a nation, and we've preserved all of our precious hard-won freedoms. Yes, our American economic system has brought greater material means for happiness to more people than any other system the world has ever known. So, congratulations to the Retailers of America, for helping to boost the good things in our American way of life. Let's remember, that the better we all produce, the better we all live.

Aired on April 30, 1950, as closing comments of My Favorite Husband radio show.

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