Saturday, June 06, 2009

Scrumptious Saturday Blessings & Savings...

Washcloths and "dust-cloths" $1.00 per bundle...There were bath towels for $0.60 each and I had to run for change, and they were gone when I returned....I'm glad I got these when I did!

Parboiled rice, 25# bag: I saved approximately $20.00 PLUS on this. It is expensive even at the Dollar General compared to this price.

Large bag of corn flakes, a 5# jar of Sue Bee Honey and a large jar of ketchup about $14.00. I saved about 10.00 or more on this purchase.

SUPER deal! A 5# canister of Clabber Girl baking powder for only $1.19! If i had bought this much individually I would have paid about $15.00!

And the really good deal were these two bags of yellow corn meal and Buckeye rolled oats. I can't even begin to calculate the savings, but I would guess about $50.00. I paid $14.00 for both 50# pound bags ($8.00 and $5.99). Which by the way was a $3.00 savings for having waited until today to buy them. I had seen them about two weeks ago, and decided to wait and ask my husband if we could handle these sizes. And when we went back today the rolled oats had been marked down from the original price of $11.00 per bag to $8.00.

Okay, I just happened to need to go to town this morning, and decided to go with my husband to save gas. No sense in taking two vehicles, right??
So, let me give you a little information. I don't know how many of you have salvage grocery stores in your area, but it would be worthwhile to search for one. This particular store was started about 40 years ago by a man named Bill Durham and his wife Maria in Petal, MS. He has passed on now, but he was a good friend of ours, and a good man. As far as I know she still has the business in Lumberton.
My favorite thing about the store was when he would box up a variety of items in a banana box (a lidded box), and sell it for $5.00. It was a mystery box....We never knew what we were getting, but it was always quality items, and FUN! LOL
He sold out a few years ago and they have kept the salvage business going, thankfully. There are a few other stores in our area too, in Hattiesburg, Purvis and Lumberton-most of which HE started.
But let me back WAY up!

Over 60 years ago another salvage type business got its start in Palmer's Crossing, in Hattiesburg. You can read the full story here:
This is where I first started shopping, along with the local Winn Dixie store over 33 years ago, right after we got married. My mother in law was already very familiar with the two stores, and she got me interested in this type of shopping, and "saving"...
SO, if you happen to live very close to any of these towns, do yourself a favor and go save some money!
Am I glad I decided to ride to town with my husband??? YES, indeed! I would have gone another route and MISSED all this!


  1. I've never seen a Clabber Girl baking powder container that big. That's the only kid of baking powder I use.
    I just love you blog and the things you share :)

  2. Undoubtedly it is restaurant size...Have you visited their website...Love it!