Sunday, May 17, 2009

since wednesday....

I managed to put up (freeze) 6 quarts of yellow squash, and bagged and froze some bulk beans, corn, FISH my husband and son caught, and other stuff. I buy bread from the outlet store when I can, and other times my mother gives me some and I freeze it. It really saves money buying it this way! I've really cleaned house this week---I had to to be organized with all of the cooking, freezing, etc....I also rearranged some furniture and stuff.

OH, I got a NEW clothesline!! Yippee!! My niece and I put it up....The first washing I hung on it, BROKE it! Shoot!! But dear Mr. Honeysuckle came to the rescue! Thank goodness he was there and seen the whole event....I was so mad! I stomped my foot and had a hissy fit, almost. He kindly re-hung it and doubled it just in case...Now that it is done right, I have about double the space I use to have, and can get more washing done, faster, without having to wait so long for it to dry. It really slowed down my washing, and I didn't like that a bit! For about two months I've hung out clothes (and waited very impatiently on it to dry so I could hang out more) instead of using the dryer, to save on the electric bill. It really helped this past month, as it went down about $50.00 more dollars! It would have been so much easier, faster, and gratifying to have thrown it in the dryer and gone on about my business...Is this a lesson in patience?? Probably. But all in all, I DO love hanging out the wash and LOVE the nice fresh smell and the crispness of the sheets and clothes...So, ahem, I won't complain any more....Now that I have more space. LOL
SUNDAY MORNING: This morning, we attended a neighboring church...Lots of old friends, and of course good preaching and singing! My husband and I were asked to sing three songs. We sang Man In the Middle, Pile of Crowns, and It Is Well With My Soul. WE were truly blessed by the good fellowship and just plain ol' nice people!

So...What are my plans for next week?? Gotta have a PLAN, don't we??

We still have plenty of dewberries and blackberries to pick and freeze and/or make jelly and a PIE..Gotta make a pie soon! I've made a cobbler, and fruti drinks, but, Mr. Honeysuckle has been waiting patiently on a PIE! So, I'll do that soon! We have yellow squash to pick, cook and/or put up; zucchini---I think I'll make some zucchini bread and freeze it; tomatoes and green onions are almost ready; grass to mow. Okay, the horses are doing a fantastic job mowing it...LOL hmmmm NOT my idea. But it saves $$$ on gas! So I guess I can tolerate it. Oh, Lord help me. I have flowers to plant; and more vegetable plants and seeds to get in the ground. I have a few things to sew, mend, and so on....Hopefully I'll get around to it this week!

I'm tired already, just thinking about it all! But it sure feels good to get things accomplished!


  1. Now I feel guilty for not using my clothesline, if it's possible to save that much on your electric bill.

  2. Welcome to Farm Diva's! Love your blog and will be visiting often.

  3. It is Well with my Soul... that hymn always brings tears to my eyes. It has a lot of memories held for me.

    Congratulations on saving all that money. I'd love to put up a clothes line in my backyard too.

    Your blog is gorgeous.

  4. Thank you so much!
    It is a beautiful song, isn't it? We just started singing it "together" recently, and we love it!
    I do hope you can get a clothesline! They are so homey, and of course, save money!