Thursday, May 07, 2009

Planting things...


Top 10 Crops: Gulf Coast
1. Sweet pepper X
2. Cherry tomato
3. Bulb onion X
4. Slicing tomato X
5. Garlic X
6. Lettuce X
7. Spinach
8. Potato
9. Cucumber
10. Summer squash X
Other Highly Recommended Crops:
Cabbage family: Broccoli, collards X
Cucumber family: Cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, winter squash
Leafy greens: Arugula, chard, mustard X (all types)
Legumes: Lima bean, snap beans (all types), Southern peas X
Root crops: Beet, garlic, onions, sweet potato, turnip X
Tomato family: Eggplant, peppers (all types), tomato X (all types)
Miscellaneous: Okra X

X marks the spot for things I've planted!

So....Have you planted a garden? What did you plant? What type of garden: rows, container, square foot?

Okay, it's a little cooler outside, so I'm going to walk around the yard and garden, and check on things!! Later I'll sit on the porch with hubby and watch the fireflies! Isn't life good??

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