Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The first five tips are what I found in an an old book of mine called "The Art Of Good Living", by Svevo Brooks.
Do something useful with your hands every day:
a. Bake bread
b. Hang out clothes
c. Garden
d. Sew
e. Draw a picture
I could go even farther to say:
f. Wash dishes by hand.
g. Clean and scrub pots and pans.
h. Clean and scrub bathroom and floors.
i. Make beds.
j. Sweep.
k. Vacuum.
l. Mop floors, wring mop with hands.
m. Hand wash delicates.
n. Peel, slice, chop food by hand.
o. Mix bread, cake and cookie batter by hand.
p. Polish furniture with real beeswax wax polish, by hand.
q. Iron clothes.
r. Rub your husband's back.
s. Scrub your husband's back.
t. Grind coffee by hand.
u. Wash your child's hair.
v. Write a letter.
w. Pat someone's shoulder.
x. Bandage a boo-boo on your child's knee.
y. Wipe away your child's tears.
z. Apply vapor rub to the back and chest for someone who is sick and tuck them in bed.
Now there...Just think about all the things we do with an appliance, a machine, an instrument, an electronic device and think how far we have gotten away from using our hands!

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