Saturday, August 14, 2010

What to do???

We are halfway through August,
and even though it is still really HOT here in South MS,
I'm thinking Autumn, Fall, cool-brisk-weather!!
I've got fishing and camping on my mind!!!
So even though it is still a bit too hot to do this, I'm making PLANS!!
  1. Cleaning up and getting fishing gear ready.

  2. Finding the stainless steel perculator!! ;)

  3. Finding a recipe for herbal bug repellant!

  4. Find crickets, or dig worms ;)

  5. Get a skillet, cornmeal, salt, pepper, (for those BIG bass we'll catch!) potatoes, onion, bowl, spoon, paper towels, paper plates, condiments, forks, etc. in a box.

  6. Make sure my camera is ready and get extra batteries. ;)

  7. Find my binoculars...To spy on the BIG old alligator!!

  8. Get a big knife, and a rope, or a gun??? ;)

  9. Get tent ready, or sleep in the truck if the alligator is too close!! LOL

  10. 6 pack

  11. OF Coca cola!!!! Yeah!! Make that a 24 pack!!!!

It's never too cold for a Coca Cola!!!

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