Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Working hard...

Aside from being sick with high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, bronchitis via allergies-and other setbacks, I have been busy-busy when able. I'm always ready and willing but my body doesn't always want to cooperate....LOL

Catching up:

  1. Of course I've been busy at home as well...working in my flower gardens, vegetable gardens, spring cleaning, and my favorite occupation of playing with my sweet little eight month old granddaughter!

  2. Even though I've been working hard at gardening, mother nature is always meticulously working her magic! The yard, roadside and woods are in full array! Glorious spring blooms everywhere!

  3. My hen is setting on 11 eggs, due to hatch on Thursday, April 8! I can't wait to see those little peepers! Another little miracle of mother nature! Isn't it all so fascinating how nature, creation, procreation is full of such mystery and awe! We have an awesome God!

  4. Cooking is always on the agenda! I've been creating some new recipes lately with what I have "on hand"...Eggs being most plentiful, I've been using my creativity to see what new omelets, and such I can come up with. My latest is a seafood omelet with mushrooms. Recipes later over at http://honeysucklefarmhouse.blogspot.com

  5. But right now daylight's a'wastin'....LOL Gotta get dressed and get busy!