Monday, September 21, 2009

What's for supper?

The same thing we had for dinner (meaning lunch here at Honeysuckle Farm) LOL What started out as Cornbread and Okra ; ) turned into this:

Baked ham (slices from the freezer, the one I bought whole and had sliced at Williams Brothers in Philadelphia, MS)
Peas (frozen, that was given to us) w/okra (from the garden) and pieces of ham.
Fried Okra
Steamed Okra
Rice (from the 25 lb sack from the grocery salvage store)

Gravy (made with pan drippings, a little flour, water, salt and pepper)
Cornbread (I bought a 50 lb sack of cornmeal from the salvage store)
And of course: Sweeeeet tea!

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