Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Author of Fascinating Womanhood, Helen B. Andelin dies...

One of my good friends said this: "Her books went beyond her faith and touched many people from many different faiths and lifestyles." I couldn't have said it better. I read her book about 20 years ago when I desperately needed to hear what she had to say regarding being submissive and subject to our husbands. Then about 6-7 years ago I found the Fascinating Womanhood group on Yahoo. I soon became a moderator on one of the groups, and later I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her, and talking with her. I have to say that she practiced what she preached. And she was a god-fearing woman. She taught what the scriptures commanded, and done so when it was sorely needed to combat the feminist agenda coming out at that time.


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  2. I learn something new every day... and I truly love the song that plays on here :)

  3. Quite a loss. She has done so much good. You were very blessed to have met her.

    Mrs. White in Vermont